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Cloud Engineer





Hans van Ingen
T: (06) 5363 7798 

Your role as a Business Analist

As Cloud Engineer, you are analysing cloud environments and performing the role of Cloud Consultant for international subsidiaries.

You are responsible for managing day to day operations of the global cloud infrastructure. This includes doing the reservations, rightsizing the environments, checking performance and utilization, manage cloud costs and much more. Your aim is to ensure the global cloud infrastructure runs with high efficiency at the lowest cost possible.

As Cloud Engineer you are also responsible for informing and advising the management team on the cloud budget and forecast and how this should be managed in order to reach the company’s goals.

Typical tasks include:
Work with OpCo IT departments on optimal mix of cloud cost and performance.
Rightsizing servers, storage, databases by using performance metrics of the resources.
Maintain continuous improvement and new features in systems automation.
Maintain runtime scheduling of assets according to the need of the applications.
Eliminate waste via identifying and terminating unused resources.
Continuously monitor the cloud costs and trigger necessary alerts and actions in case of irregularities and/or possible improvement options.
Enforcing asset tagging to be compliant with infrastructure designs and principles.
Manage the centralized reservations pool. Purchase and convert reservations.

Your background as a Business Analist

your background

Very organized and accurate way of working.
Excellent people skills, with an ability to partner with a dynamic leadership team.
Excellent English language skills, verbal and written.
Flexible and able to multitask; can work within an ambiguous, fast-moving environment, while also driving toward clarity and solutions.
demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities.
Strong affinity with numbers and financial reporting.
Know where to find information and be able to signal new developments.
Able to understand new concepts and topics quickly and train yourself.
Bachelor/Master’s Degree
Working experience of at least 5 years in IT or infrastructure, systems analysis and/or business analysis.
Demonstrated experience in overseeing financials.

the terms

what do you get in return?
In return for your talent and effort we pay a good, competitive salary and offer attractive benefits. Job security and a great work-life balance.
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